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If you have ever wanted a personal item of mine that has had lots of mileage, you can now own my Gucci Boot's that have been with me for many years.  A few of the gold accents have fallen off & they need new heel caps. 

$100 plus shipping ;-))))))))))))))

Contact me for details fembomb@fembomb.com

Happy New Year 2018

Send a Valentine to a Shelter Pet!

PLEASE no Valentine’s Day gifts!!!  If you want to do something that would touch my heart & show your FEMLOVE you can go to www.warmhearts.org & send a shelter pet a Valentine & a treat.
If you want to make a difference in someone else’s life this is how ;-))))))))))))))))))))

Send a Valentine to a Shelter Pet!

Send a Valentine to a Shelter Pet!

From Wednesday, February 9 – Monday, February 14, you can send a very special Valentine to our shelter pets! We will put each Valentine on their kennel and they will get a special treat when it’s delivered. Help spread the love to all the dogs and cats in our care!